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Irish Craft Shop & Bespoke Picture Framing
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Irish craft
Danu neccklace

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As our art inventory is constantly changing, below is a sample of the artwork we stock. Generally, this stock includes both prints and original pieces. Please contact us with any queries or for more information on any of our artists and the pieces we have in stock. 

Dee McNally.jpeg

Dee McNally

Dee McNally is the owner and creator of Dink Studio, located in Kildare Town, Kildare, Ireland She works primarily with pen and inks but also pastels and watercolours.   Her collection of  quirky pen and ink prints are based on observations of life and have a humorous twist to them.

Fab Cow.gif

Fab Cow

Francis Leavey is a renowned award winning Irish artist. His work is driven by a desire to inspire people to find the beauty in themselves and the world around them.

Cath Patrick.webp

Catherine Patrickson

Catherine works in mixed media using ink and watercolour pigments. Currently living in East Galway, her work draws on her surrounding environment and is full of symbolic imagery.  We are delighted to have a range of Catherine's Giclée prints in store as well as some originals. 

Anna Marie.jpeg

Anna-Marie Leavy

Watercolour and acrylic artist Anna Marie Leavy was born in Co. Donegal and lives Co. Westmeath on the shores of Lough Sheever. The magic of watercolour painting for her is capturing the fleeting effects of light and colour in her flowers, woodlands and west of Ireland mountain scenes. Originals and limited-edition prints are available in the gallery.

P Maloney.jpeg

Paul Maloney

From Co. Wexford Paul Maloney's vibrant and colourful artwork is inspired by childhood memories and his rural environment. We stock at the gallery a wide range of his signed limited edition and framed giclée prints. Guaranteed to brighten up any room, the apt titles add an extra touch to these pieces.  "Are we there yet?" is the title of the piece shown here. 


Padraig McCaul

Padraig McCaul is a Dublin born artist, living and working on Achill Island, Co. Mayo. His stunning work is inspired by the scenery along the Wild Atlantic Way, and captures the essence of the West of Ireland. Originals and prints are available at the Gallery.


Cushla of Gullion

Caóilfíonn Murphy O’Hanlon lives high on Sliabh Gullion in Armagh and since 2014 has been creating vibrant textile art inspired by the scenes on her doorstep. The word Cushla, or cuisle, translates as a term of endearment or as ‘heartbeat’ or ‘pulse’. This ‘heartbeat’ can be seen throughout Caóilfíonn’s work - she brings the landscape to life through her rich textile artwork. We stock a selection of high quality giclée prints of Cushla of Gullion wool paintings. 

Golf 1 - What's my Yardage copy (1).jpeg

Lucy Tormey

Lucy Tormey is an accomplished artist and has been commissioned to create vivid art pieces of various major sporting events. She is inspired by the midlands countryside and the sports she loves. We carry a wide range of fine art prints of Lucy’s vibrant golf paintings in the Craft Gallery, as well as her neckwear. 

Orlagh Proctor.jpg

Black Bog Art Studio

Orlaigh works from her Black Bog Art Studio nearby in County Longford. She is a contemporary artist with an interest in 3D art, design and mixed media. She primarily works with acrylics on canvas, board and reclaimed slate. We stock a selection of Orlaigh’s original acrylics on canvas. Some are inspired by Longford boglands and others are striking abstract work. 

yvonne k 1.jpg

Yvonne Kelly

Yvonne Kelly creates captivating scenes using oil paints and adds a unique touch by incorporating pieces of turf into her art. From bog scenes to the skelligs, she has all bases covered in her unique landscapes.

flowers Rukmini.jpg

Rukmini Kelkar

Rukmini is a Dublin based artist who creates colourful abstract interpretations of everyday scenes and items. We stock a range of Rukmini's original artwork in the gallery.


Simply Mourne

Simply Mourne is the studio of County Down artist, Catherine Bradford. Her inspiration comes from her passion for nature – specifically the awe-inspiring landscape of her home near Northern Ireland’s majestic Mourne Mountains. Her unique pieces express beautifully observed moments of narrative through the slightest of touches. Allowing delicate dabs of paint and natural materials to reflect the joy found in the great outdoors, Catherine creates elegantly crafted artworks that are enjoyed every day, and treasured for a lifetime.


Jill Parkinson

Jill Parkinson produces beautiful lino cuts inspired by the views around her while she travels the River Shannon on her barge. There is a selection of her prints available in Glasson Craft Gallery.

S Farnan.webp

Stephen Farnan

From Belfast, Stephen has married his love of ceramics and drawings in his captured memories range. With several of his  beautiful framed porcelain range in stock, we also have some unique pieces featuring Athlone and Glasson which Stephen kindly worked on for us.


Annabel Langrish

Hailing from Barbados, Annabel's upbringing gave her an experience of colour and pattern that influences her lively, varied and highly creative work. After raising her family in Leitrim, Annabel moved to West Cork with her husband, bringing her back to the sea and mountains which inspired another phase in her artistic life. Her work ranges from watercolours, oils and drawings of landscape, boats, animals and the human figure. In the gallery we stock a wide range of signed limited edition Giclée prints, as well as some cards and notebooks featuring her artwork

B hen.webp

Black Hen Designs

Based in their studio in Co.Roscommon, Andrew and Vida design and create original glass paintings. Their work is inspired by the Irish countryside, and the designs are brought to life through the use of vivid colours and exaggerated form. Every piece is individually hand painted.

Geraldine Kilmartin.jpeg

Geraldine Kilmartin

Geraldine Kilmartin is a Galway based artist who decided to pack up her science and industry career and pursue her lifelong interest in art. Geraldine draws her inspiration from everyday Irish scenes and depicts such scenes in a contemporary and colourful style. We stock a wide range of her prints in the gallery.

Maren Palm.jpeg

Maren Palm 

Maren Palm creates extraordinary and vivid paintings. She focuses her artwork on texture and the layering of colours. Gold, silver, and copper can be seen interwoven with the vibrant colours used in Maren’s artwork. She is inspired by statement pieces and eye-catching paintings, and this is evident in her work! A selection of prints of Maren Palm’s paintings are available in the gallery. 

Steph SLoan.jpeg

Stephanie Sloan

Stephanie Sloan is based in Wicklow and creates contemporary print compositions influenced by her studio’s coastal location. Her unique style of pared back colour and graphic form developed over her time working in design and illustration in Dublin following her graduation from NCAD and she honed her skills while completing a masters in print at London’s Royal College of Art. We sell a range of giclée prints of Stephanie’s work in the gallery. 


Nuevo Sol Designs

Claire is based right here in Glasson and creates handmade one-of-a-kind wall art pictures. She captures life’s special moments in clay and she includes semi-precious crystals and natural stones in her pieces as they impart their own unique energy and personal meaning to the owner. Claire is inspired by experiences she had while travelling and her belief that all things are interconnected. We stock a large assortment of unique framed clay designs from Nuevo Sol. 

nicola geary.jpg

Nicola Geary

Nicola Geary is based in Cork and creates vibrant clay sculptures. From Picasso inspired faces to farmyard animals, Nicola adds her colourful and unique touch to every piece. We stock a selection of Nicola's framed clay sculptures.

christine kennard.jpg

Christine Kennard

Christine is an American artist working from Dublin. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from Parson’s School of Design in New York where she worked professionally for a decade before moving to Ireland in 2009. Working mainly in acrylic with pallet knives and brushes, she is inspired by the ever-changing coastal landscapes of Ireland, her abstract works of seascapes and horizons carefully consider light, dark and colour in motion with an aim to capture the universal internal conflict of the human condition and the endeavour of hope in adversity.



Saileen Drumm is an artist from Newport, County Mayo. Her works are a vibrant series of landscapes, townscapes and seascapes of the idyllic West of Ireland. Her projects are of a very traditional subject but with a very modern twist.

Alanna Plekkenpol.webp

Alanna Plekkenpol

Alanna Plekkenpol creates art on tiles. Every design features playful details, in which traditional Dutch Delft Blue patterns contrast with modern elements using a combination of digital illustration and collage

Paul Proud.jpg

Paul Proud

Paul Proud is a local artist with international acclaim, whose paintings can be found in many international collections. While living for many years in Glasson, his  inspiration comes from Connemara. There is a draw to the sea and coast evident in Paul's work, aptly portrayed with oil on board and canvas. The gallery stocks an ever changing range of Paul's original pieces. 

Orl barry.jpeg

Orla Barry

Based in Dundalk, Orla works with acrylics on canvas. Her work has a dreamlike, fairy tale quality and is inspired by animals, nature, spiritual symbolism, patterns and a search for perfect colour combinations. We stock a range of her limited edition Giclée prints in the Gallery.


Fiona Roche

Inspired by nature, Fiona Roche's vibrant and colourful paintings are a source of brightness and joy. Her stunning pieces are available in the Gallery as originals and prints. (all cat approved)

Bray Head

Sorrell Reilly

Sorrell Reilly is an illustrator, printmaker and digital artist based on the West Coast. She makes colourful lino print artwork of the Irish landscape, from spectacular scenes of the Wild Atlantic Way right over to unique interpretations of popular swimming spots around Dublin city. Sorrell’s work is often inspired by poetry or song, which she mentions on her social media. We stock an extensive range of Sorrell’s vivid prints.

Emma Higgins.jpeg

Emma Higgins

Emma Higgins graduated in textile design from NCAD in 1997 and has had a varied career since. She now has moved into the role of a full time artist and is based in Dublin. She draws inspiration from ordinary life experiences and injects colour into her work as her mission is to spread the joy of colour wherever she can. Fine art prints of Emma’s colourful, abstract interpretations of Irish scenes are available in Glasson Craft Gallery.

The Designer of Things.jpeg

The Designer of Things

Bert (The Designer of Things) is a talented graphic designer and architectural artist. He studied graphic design in Antwerp in his teens and moved on to study interior-architecture in Ghent. He finally settled in Ireland after living and working in various European countries and now lives right between the lighthouses of Galley Head and the Old Head of Kinsale. This fabulous location inspired Bert to create his Irish lighthouse series and he intends to eventually complete and visit all seventy lighthouses on the island. In Glasson Craft Gallery we are proud to stock a wide range of Bert’s Irish Lighthouse Series. 



Mary Cahalan (AKA Pixi) is a Galway based artist who creates  eye catching colourful canvases with a hint of humour and a collage of colour. We sell a great variety of Pixi's fine art prints. 

dana sirokina.jpg

Dana Sirokina

Dana is an artist originally from Latvia who has been living in Ireland since 2001. She has a distinctive style of art using oil paint on a palette knife to create the texture in her work. We carry a selection of prints of Dana's work in the ga

jennifer hart.jpg

Jennifer Hart

Jennifer is an Irish artist born in Dublin. With a combined background in fashion and interior design, Jennifer’s arresting paintings demonstrate a rich measure of abstract versatility. 
All at once, her work embodies figurative, landscape and still life images. She translates her observations of the world around her into pure colour and spontaneous realism. 
She absorbs these everyday scenes and confounds expectations with non-naturalistic results, creating an occasionally phantasmagorical element in her work.


We stock an ever-evolving range of Irish craft. Ranging from porridge oats to unique handblown glass vases to concrete jewellery, we have something to fit everyone's needs. See below for an insight into what we stock here in the gallery. 

Rothlu 2.webp








Bespoke Picture Framing


With over one hundred different mouldings to choose from, and a wide selection of coloured mount board, we can create unique frames to suit everyone's taste, and really make that special picture come to life.

We offer a range of services from standard picture framing, canvas stretching, to special conservation. 

We are certified members of the Fine Art Trade Guild, and so our framing work is carried out in line with their highest standards. 

Call in any time for a free one to one consultation.



Born out of a passion for Irish Craft, Glasson Craft Gallery first opened its doors in 2011.

We have a wide range of Irish craft available: from jewellery, millinery, knitwear, ceramics, glassware, homeware, woodturning, local artisan foods and much more. Every piece is unique and is handcrafted in Ireland. 


We also have an exhibition space for Fine Art and photography.

Glasson Craft Gallery is located just a short stop from Athlone. Glasson is home to excellent restaurants, and picturesque woodland walks, so come and explore what The Village of the Roses has to offer.

Proud nominee for the "Irish Times Best Shops" in 2015 and 2016.



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